Digital Art National Festival is an annual artistic event in Iran managed by Cultural Deputy of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. The Deputy of Culture and Social Affairs of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, the main owner and organizer of the festival, select a university to host this event every year. The first festival was hosted by "Tehran University of Arts" and the second was hosted by "Tabriz University of Islamic Arts". The third Digital Arts Festival will be held on July 20-31, 1400 hosted by Damghan University.


About the Third Digital Arts Festival

Aims of the festival

1) Provide an arena for displaying the digital art achievements of the country's academics and graduates.

2) Creating a platform to encourage creative and new projects in the field of digital art.

3) Reviewing the capabilities of digital art in the region and the world by designing specialized workshops and webinars.

4) Asking new questions in the field of digital art with special attention to interdisciplinary experiences.

Festival approach

The third edition of the National Festival of Digital Arts seeks to draw a detailed map of the range of creative experiences in the field of digital arts in the country and to encourage and support selected works by creating a fair competitive environment. Also, feasible study about the relationship between transcendent art and digital technology from different angles such as education, philosophy, psychology, cognitive sciences are emphasized in this festival.

There is a special focus on social harms and its reflection in digital arts has been emphasized as a side event in the festival this year.

Audiences: All art enthusiasts and in particular faculty members, students, university graduates.

Festival sections

The festival is held in three sections: competitive, non-competitive and special sections:

1) Digital still images

A) Digital photo manupolation

B) Digital graphics (poster)

C) Fractal visual designs

D) digital painting (2D and 3D)

 (All 4 sections are held competitively)

2) Digital animation

A) Motion graphics

B) Animations

C) Short films with digital special effects

(All 3 sections are held competitively)

3) Digital interactive design

A) Digital game

B) Web Design

C) virtual reality

D) Augmented Reality

(A and B are competitive and C and D are non-competitive)

4) The Art of Artificial Intelligence

(This section is held non-competitively)

5) Interdisciplinary digital arts

A) Video Art

B) The art of digital layout

C) Digital Performing Arts

D) Digital music

E) Digital Storytelling

(A and C are competitive and others are non-competitive)

Theme of the festival

Competitive section: Free theme

Special sections:

Control and reduction of social harms.

Health and digital art in the Corona era (Health and Corona, The effect of corona on mental health and human society, The world after Corona)